You have probably heard the statistics. A lot of the material taught during the school year is forgotten during the summer. Here are a few tips for you to keep up forward progress on the cheap.

  1. ??????????Get a library card. I cannot overstress how many amazing activities plus free books are camping out at your local library. I recently put on a Dr. Seuss day for young children at a local library. At this library, there are many reading hours and clubs, enrichment activities and guest speakers geared toward younger children. You can also check out books and DVDs for continued learning.
  2. Create a summer theme. I would encourage all parents to create a summer scene in which and through which your children can learn. One example would be to do a heroes and villains unit. You can read books about Heroes and Villains, both and fictional literature and nonfiction, historical documents. You can tap into multimedia literacy skills by doing podcast recording with local government officials, police and firemen. You can also learn to sew and create costumes around historical heroes.
  3. Check out local religious communities. Even if you don’t practice a religion, churches, temples and mosques are often open to the public and have free enrichment activities for their young congregants.
  4. YMCA. The YMCA is a great place to go for an active summer! They have activities and sports for a nominal fee.
  5. Look into the local, state or national parks. Our parks are a great resource for those on a budget because they offer great activities and talks for free. They may even allow you to…
  6. CampingCamp. Can’t afford sleep away camp? No problem. You can camp as a family and arrange fun programming for little to no money. Either camp in a local park or campground or in the backyard!
  7. Free admission? Search your ZIP code and free admission for open days at local attractions! Some some great places include the zoo and local museums. When going to local museums, make sure to pack your paint, crayons and paper and a picnic lunch to create art after you view the Masters. Allow the zoo to inspire continuing learning — pick animal to learn about its natural habitat.
  8. Donate your time. For a few days or a week over the summer, create activities around a cause your family supports. It can be going to a local shelter and visiting with the animals or collecting cosmetics and sundries for a local, charitable shelter. This can also tie in with the Heroes and Villains thing, because you could be the hero!
  9. Throw a party. Even if you don’t have any birthdays to celebrate, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party. Want to celebrate a hero that you studied during your summer? Throw the hero  a birthday party!
  10. Create a film and then screen it. Creating home movies it’s easier than ever with smartphone technology, plus material can be edited by even the youngest child. Encourage your children to film and document their activities this summer, then create a movie scrapbook that you can screen in the backyard or living room.  This will provide an exciting movie night under the stars, complete with popcorn and s’mores! Follow this with a fun movie with your neighbors. Again, you can keep with the Heroes and Villains theme!

What are your favorite tips for having an amazing summer
without spending a lot of money?

Happy planning!!

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