Summer Before College… the college countdown clock is ticking! You may think you are ready to pack up your bags and start a new life at college, but there’s probably a few thingsstrand-clipart-beach-trip-color-md you may have forgotten. So we at Beyond Tutoring have made this short list of things you MUST do before you take off for your new adventure. This is your last summer before you begin a whole new adventure and probably the last chance you have to spend time with your high school friends. Make this summer count! Don’t spend all summer inside playing video games! This summer is different from any you have ever had, and once it is over, you will be a college student! Hitting the beach and finding a summer romance might still be a top priority to you now, but you still have plenty to do before you are ready for school to start. Between getting ready to head off to college and having the summer of a lifetime, expect to be pretty busy! Lucky for you, Beyond Tutoring has the go-to guide for your final pre-college tasks.

Something that is often overlooked is the need to have any accommodations in place BEFORE heading off to college. Being able to advocate for yourself and communicating your needs to your new school may be a bit overwhelming. Find an Academic Concierge like us here at Beyond Tutoring, that can help you work out any details with your new school and help you find the contacts you need to maximize your performance and comfort in the new academic environment.

It’s an exciting time. Last big summer at home, you’re about to move away for college dorm life. You’ve probably got a good handle on things you need to have done but it won’t hurt to double check. It’s easy to forget things, minor or major (hopefully not YOUR major!)  because we’re get excited, nervous, or scared.

Carpe Diem, no, not seize the carp, Seize the Day! Be ready to thrive at your new school! But first, enjoy your summer!



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