Eggs are such a terrific and multi-purpose, nutritious food. They are fun to pack in lunches, eat for breakfast and incorporate into any meal. Some scientists say that eggs are the most nutritious food on earth (Source). The problem with eggs (and any food with kids) is that they get boring. Here are some creative ways to get this brain food and soul nourishing food into those mouths and lunchbags without complaints.

  1. Hardboiled Egg Birds under a string cheese tree with grape leaves. So adorable!
  2. Egg cupcakes: Make omelets baked in a cupcake pan. These are so easy to take on the go and a lot healthier than the alternative! Allow your kids to pick the flavors: veggies, cheese and protein, oh my! They are also freeze friendly. Check it out!
  3. Skillet baked eggs
  4. Breakfast casserole
  5. Potato cups filled with yummy eggs
  6. Fried eggs on our old friend, kale!
  7. Egg tacos! Ole!
  8. Quiche — delicious!
  9. Eggs in a hole or in a nest!
  10. Breakfast pizza is so delicious for Saturday night.
  11. Fritattas are beautiful for dinner or to bring to a neighbor for lunch.
  12. Hardboiled Eggs in Salad
  13. Egg Strata
  14. Scrambled egg faces — use turkey bacon for the smile.
  15. Angel deviled eggs with an olive halo – Do a creative word play on deviled eggs to make your eggs into the halo.
  16. The best open faced sandwich: Ezekiel bread, organic hummus, fried egg and a slice of tomato. I can’t stress enough how delicious this is.
  17. Use your cookie cutters on fried eggs!
  18. eggEgg quesadilla is so delicious! Make it a bit healthier with an organic sprouted grain tortilla.
  19. Get creative with funny eggs!
  20. Use egg molds to make great bento box lunches. These are totally amazing!
  21. Broccoli cheese bites: four simple ingredients which are broccoli, cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs! That is it! And spoiler alert: they are amazing!
  22. Eaten with beautiful Himalayan dipping sauce.
  23. Eggs on a stick: Stick your hardboiled egg on a carrot or pretzel stick, get some sticky dressing like ranch or dill and provide dipping ingredients like fresh veggies. Check it out.
  24. Cauliflower pizza or pizza bites! Google other recipes (it’s pretty time consuming) but results are a lower carb, so tasty version of pizza. Here is one recipe for pizza and one for bites. So very, very tasty!
  25. And for dessert, an easy egg custard.


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