It’s National Volunteer Week and Month! If you are anything like the families I counsel, you are itching for ways to get your kids involved with volunteering. We have assembled a non-exhaustive list of ways for you kids to get involved with volunteering from a young age. This list is partially strategic and partly great and creative ideas on how you can get involved with your family this week!

  1. Bake saleGet two that are already friends, make first goal personally rewarding. Have each kid bring in another friend, limit to group of six. This works in sales, too.
  2. Clean out closets as a family and donate the clothes. (This also works as a spring cleaning technique.)
  3. Round up the forgotten or older toys (Also spring cleaning)
  4. Meals on Wheels
  5. You can do a jacket drive. Have the kids get their friends to donate their outgrown jackets for the homeless.
  6. Helping younger kids – at a shelter or in a pediatric ward of a hospital.
  7. Tutoring younger kids.
  8. Book drives!
  9. Have you kids (in pairs for safety) collect drive materials door to door.
  10. Make sack lunches to pass out to people who are hungry in your neighborhood.
  11. You know the toiletries you hoard from hotels — make bags to pass out to those without homes.
  12. Bake sale to raise money for a worthy cause.
  13. Same goes for lemonade stand.
  14. Walk for a great cause! We had a baby walk (well get pushed) for the Alliance for Lupus research.
  15. Organizing art supplies.
  16. Making cards for kids at the hospital.
  17. Making cards for our soldiers overseas.
  18. Get the neighborhood and school involved by having a book drive for a partner low-income school that needs a library.
  19. Clean out that pantry!
  20. Have them adopt a grand-friend whom they can visit regularly.
  21. Spring is the perfect time to start a vegetable garden to supplement those who are needy or a local food kitchen.
  22. Create a play, puppet show or other performance to perform on the road for various organizations.
  23. Look in your neighborhood for someone who is struggling, your child could be their buddy and help with small household tasks.
  24. The Special Olympics is coming to Los Angeles – volunteer!
  25. Make blankets, scarves or capes out of clearance fabric or scraps.
  26. Check out this resource guide.
  27. Another great resource for your kid’s interests.
  28. Pick up trash.
  29. Beautify your neighborhood with spring flowers.
  30. Lend your dog!
  31. Volunteer at the aquarium, zoo or national park.
  32. Have a free bake sale in a low-income area. Allow people to pick from delicious treats without coming up with money.
  33. Have a party at a local underserved family center to celebrate birthdays for kids who don’t get parties.
  34. Create a group of kids that go from nursing home to nursing home bringing cheer and snacks.
  35. VA hospitals around the country are often overlooked as volunteer opportunities. Work with their volunteer services coordinator to identify needs. Perhaps your kid’s play group can make cards and drop them off on Veteran’s Day, along with a delicious homemade cake that’s sure to be appreciated. (Source)
    ahndsPlease let us know in the comments if you have any other amazing ideas! Remember the only limit is your imagination.
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