While every child needs to learn his or her ABC’s, not every child learns the same. Workbooks, worksheets and a blackboard may work for some, but they won’t work for everyone. For those children for whom sitting and frontal learning is ineffective, here are five alternative ways to learn letters.
???????????????????????????????Bowling letters
If you don’t have a children’s set of bowling pins, you can always make one by weighting down the bottoms of plastic bottles with a little sand or gravel. Clearly print one letter toward the top of each pin. Set them up and before the child rolls the ball, she should say toward which letter pin she is aiming, then name which pins she has hit. If she’s already doing fairly well with the letters, you can use the opportunity to see if she has hit down letters that, together, form a word.
???????????????????????????????Tag letters
Print letters, one per regular-sized piece of paper. Hang / tape / pin them up around your yard. Holler out a letter and your child has to try to run to the letter and tag it, before you give the next letter. This is more fun with a couple more kids, so invite some friends.
???????????????????????????????Letter display
Have a Letter of the Day/Week, changing letters every couple of days. Make it a family project. Choose a location for your display, and have everyone bring items beginning with that letter. It’s a fun, creative challenge. Have a children’s dictionary handy for hints. This gets more fun if each item brought brings a point and it’s made into a competition, if your child enjoys competition.
smilieClothespin letter drop
Buy a package of clothespins, attaching a letter to the end of each pin. Depending on the dexterity of your child, you can have him drop them into a large-mouthed bottle or into a bucket, calling out the name of the letter on the pin before dropping it.

Have fun!

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