Essential Steps for Deciding Which CollegeOkay… so we have written about rejection, both here at BeyondTutoring and as a contribution to the ElephantJournal, waitlisting, and now it is time to type about and have a dialogue of what to do with your acceptances.

First off, congratulations both to your child and to you!

I hope you feel good today.

As a parent, it is a fine line to walk in terms of admissions, because you want to give advice and you also want to instill autonomy in your child.

No fear, BeyondTutoring is here to give advice both to the accepted future collegian (or private school-bound child) and to the parent of the accepted child to increase a mindful dialogue about the college decision.

1. Take a DEEP breath

Yes. This is a BIG change. It seems like it has been all building up to this, and now you know your options. It’s time to take deep breath! You did it.

2. Revel in it

You succeeded, your child succeed and your family succeed. Congratulations yet again! It is such an overwhelming but great feeling to have a choice in college admissions.

3. Celebrate

Have a family dinner to celebrate everyone’s contributions — if you have been using the BeyondTutoring educational map, you know that this is a family achievement, as it involved family contributions and goal setting.

4. Plan

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Beyond Tutoring list without the requisite planning. Here is the trick to this discussion — plan the agenda. What are you going to talk about? What will be off limits? How will you organize your chat? Are you a pro/con family or are you a hash it out evidence as argument family?

5. Prioritize

What are you and your child looking for in a college/school? This is SO important. Although a ranking tells you where your school stands in comparison to other schools, it doesn’t tell you how the school will fit. Think about what the top five things your child is looking for in a school then rank by category.

Maybe your five items are disability accommodations, strong visual arts education, diverse student body, location and thriving metropolis, rank these with your values and cross rank them with your options.

If disability accommodations is your number one and metropolis is your number five, give more weight to schools with phenomenal accommodations and less to schools in a big city. This should be totally organic and based on need to thrive.

There is absolutely no use in going to a higher ranked school if it won’t be a good fit for your child and her unique needs. That is why this dialogue is so very important. If you need a bit of help, don’t hesitate to contact us or another expert in holistic educational mapping.

In looking at your educational options, it is important to not go by ranking alone. Look at your child’s needs, wants and passions and find a school that most closely aligns with these. Again this is the time to feel good, have a great dialogue and begin getting excited for the fall.

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