EarthWe discussed 20 really amazing ways to celebrate earth day this year and today we are going to continue our series on Earth Day as today is Earth Day! Maybe you are reading this on Earth Day and want to do something quickly that packs maximum wallop. Here are just a few ideas for some last minute ways to celebrate Earth Day that you can continue year round.

  1. Make cloth napkins. Yes, I know. This one may create a bit more work but will pay dividends for the environment. An easy and truly economic way to create cloth napkins on the cheap is to use old t-shirts.
  2. Volunteer picking up trash or just pick up trash. For just one hour this evening work on making your neighborhood less trashy! Pick up trash and have a bit of a contest to see who has the most in their bag.
  3. Learn more about the Earth and issues directly facing you. For just a few minutes before dinner tonight, learn more about an issue facing Earth and discuss it at dinner.
  4. RecyclingHave an Earth field trip party. Try to see as many of the natural wonders of the world, amazing Earth phenomena or volcanoes and waterfalls.
  5. Brainstorm over dinner. Being cognizant of environmental issues facing your area, use this Earth dinner to be the start of a dialogue about how your children or your family can learn more, engage with the local environment and spend a little more time outdoors this year! You can even use our list as a jumping off point!

Bonus: If you are really short on time, just write down all the wonderful ways that the Earth allows you to be the family you are! Just this insight will make for a more loving Earth Day.

In case you were wondering, our #WomenCrushWednesday this week is: Mother Earth!

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