As a conclusion to my mini-series on Educational Mapping for children with different educational circumstances, I would like to review The 2015 Guide to Educational Mapping, currently being offered for FREE at

The first thing I noticed is that unlike most of the other educational material out there for parents, this guide is beautifully presented. The graphics enhance the material, which is presented in a simplified, logical fashion.

That may sound like a silly thing to get excited about, but take a look at what’s out there – nearly anything dealing with similar topics is hundreds of pages long. Having a job and a family, including a child with special needs, I do not have the time begin tackling any issue by reading lengthy, detail-heavy material. For parents wanting to “hit the ground running”, this is absolutely perfect.

The guide sets up a no-nonsense outline for planning your child or children’s future educational goals. This isn’t done in a theoretical fashion, but instead takes a very down to earth approach. Included are workbook-style pages for better organization of thought.

Instead of leaving you guessing, the guide gives specific suggestions that can be immediately implemented in real life.

Another HUGE plus is that the script suggestions and general approach are all so positive! Negativity not only feels bad, it will also get you nowhere with children. The guide is written with an upbeat, get-things-done tone that has a parent start the process of educational mapping knowing that this is do-able.

Thank you, Beyond Tutoring! Upbeat, organized and FREE… it doesn’t get better than this!

Wishing all parents and educators the very best,
Joey, Hannah and Molly’s mom

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