Oh no!
You are pulling your hair out because EVERYTHING you have tried has not panned out?

You have spoken to teachers, to principals, to college administrators and you still feel lost and like you need a win. It’s easy to feel like the schools are trying to make this harder on you and your student. You are frustrated because you just don’t have the time and training to fully know how to handle this situation. It’s like they expect you to be a Parent, a Teacher, and a Lawyer!

How about you sticking to being the parent? Let Katie handle being the Teacher and the Lawyer, because that’s who Katie is! You need someone on YOUR side that speaks “legal-ese” and “teacher-ese.” Katie and the Beyond Tutoring Team has studied disability law, admin law, pedagogy, critical disability theory, curriculum design, and is an expert in advocacy, accommodations, and higher education. School Officials respond a bit differently when someone is speaking their language. Especially someone they can’t just dismiss with some fancy jargon.

Is your collegian getting the runaround by a professor over accommodations at the office?

If you are in academic hot water and need an expert advocate and consultant, don’t hesitate. Book an academic advocacy session now. The sooner the situation is addressed, the sooner you can be back on track for academic success. Let Katie and the Beyond Tutoring Team stand up for you and your student’s rights to be treated fairly and correctly by the school. Beyond Tutoring  will articulate the problem in ways that every person involved can understand and work towards a sustainable solution.

No bandaids here — this is not about paying lip service, it is making a dramatic and positive change through holistic advocacy!

This is an intensive session for people who want to change the academic future of their son or daughter in any level of school.  This is for someone who wants results … yesterday.

Recommended Sessions: 1 – As Big As The Problem Is