An App For Every Resolution

Everyone always wants my apps. Like that Leprechaun who has people after his Lucky Charms. And like him, I don’t want to tell my secrets. But now I do because I am going to be less secretive in the coming year, kidding! State secrets on the app attack:
  1. Resolution: Keeping calm and carrying on is the Calm app.  I have been using it religiously since august and it has made meditating a whole slew easier.  You can do two minute doses of calm, emergency calm and calm for commuting.  It makes meditating super accessible and has programs for more advanced meditation.  Totally worth the price of (8)
  2. Resolution: To keep a journal.  Then you have to download Day One  which is an easy and visual way to keep a journal and can have you set a reminder to access your journal right before bed each day.  If you are more of a visual person, you can also add photographs.  I recommend doing a visual and five words or phrases that you are grateful for.DayOne-iOS-256-rounded
  3. Resolution: Get organized.  There are several organization apps that I use, but the one that is best: the one YOU will use. My favorite organization apps are Evernote, iCalendar and Dropbox.  images 175x175-75dropbox-logo-4
  4. Resolution: Correspond more.  I love corresponding with old and new friends and there are just some apps that make my life easier.  Ink Cards, Redstamp Greeting, Sesame Gifts, Bloom That and Postgram are terrific and make keeping in touch and giving gifts more accessible.icon175x175 icon175x175 (1)icon175x175 (2)512x512bbicon175x175
  5. Resoultion: Exercise More.  So there are about a million exercise apps but the ones that keep me on my toes or in a plank are Daily Burn, Class Pass and my newest find to help me appropriately calendar, the Mind Body Connect.  Check with your favorite exercise studio to see if they have an app.b57640ba13cc3c782589d3730ceb4f1bicon175x175 (3)icon175x175 (1)
  6. Resolution: Yummy delicious and accessible food.  Instacart, Prime Now, Postmates, Uber Eats are just some of the amazing apps that can deliver food to your door in a big city.  Instacart makes getting groceries 100x easier and no pesky crowds! Here in LA, you can also get your pet food delivered.icon175x175 (2)icon175x175 (4)icon175x175 (5)
  7. Resolution: Learn a Language.  I am using Babbel (currently on special) to pick up a new language or two this year! AppIcon_Thumb_preview
  8. Resolution: Read more.  Ok there are a lot of great apps for this but my favorite is this hack: the Audible app which connects to my car.  Podcast and Kindle app are great as well. unnamedapple-podcasts-app-225x225icon256
  9. Resolution: Spend more time doing the things you love.  Well I can’t help you do that, but a great happy appy way to do this is to outsource more of the things you hate.  Enter Task Rabbit and Fiverr for helpers on your tasks!  Also use Trip Adviser for booking some last minute fun travel! icon175x175 (3)icon175x175 (4)unnamed
  10. Resolution: Get my finances in order. Money makes the world go ’round. Keep track of yours with Apps from your bank. Also Digit, Mint, Venmo and Paypal all have great apps to keep your piggy bank in great shape! digiticon175x175 (6)icon180x180imagesw6
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Because I’m “Appy” (I Crack Me Up!)

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