College Tour Tips: How To Ask The Tough QuestionsSo you are taking tours of colleges this summer?

You want to ask the tough questions, ask things off the beaten path.

Here are some important questions that I recently drafted that will help you decide on the best college for you this summer!

Again these are just some ideas, what are your favorites?

1. Ability To Graduate on Time

One of the most important pieces of going to college is the ability to graduate on time.  May sound boring, but an extra year in school can end up costing you over 100K.  Ask: how easy is it to graduate on time?  How long does the average student take to complete?  If you want to graduate in four years (which you probably do) ask what does it take to graduate in four years?

2. Internship Opportunities

Speaking of after college, you should ask about the internship opportunities.  Doing at least a few internships in college is so imperative to getting a job after.  Some school excel at this.  Ask: What kind of career placement offices do you have? What does the internship scene look like?  They should be itching to tell you about their amazing placements and the fact that a high percentage of students graduate having done amazing internships.  While you are at it, ask about studying abroad even in the summer.

3. Learning Disability Resources

If you are learning disabled or otherwise exceptional as a learner, be sure to ask about learning disability resource.  Ask what the process looks like and how you will be taken care of.  Again this can mean the difference between a highly successful college experience and not.

4. Resources Available To Struggling Students

What resources are available to struggling students?  This question in key because at some point during your college experience you will be struggling and will want to know there is a safety net for you.  Whether that struggle comes in the form of writing help, tutoring or financial aid document support, ask questions about what you perceive your struggle to be.

Finally ask about student life, what does student life look like?  Is there a Greek system? Are there clubs? Is there a thriving art scene? How easy it to serve your community?  These are the great things that will make your four years meaningful.

All in all, the college decision is such a personal one — keep this in mind when you are asking the hard-hitting (yet personal and respectful) questions.

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