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12 Things You Must Do Before Going Off To College

Summer Before College… the college countdown clock is ticking! You may think you are ready to pack up your bags and start a new life at college, but there’s probably a few things you may have forgotten. So we at Beyond Tutoring have made this short list of things you MUST do before you take off for your new adventure. This is your last summer before you begin a whole new adventure and probably the last chance you have to spend time with your high school friends. Make this summer count! Don’t spend all summer inside playing video games! This...

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Senior Year College Planning Road Map

Check out the new Beyond Tutoring Road Map To College: Senior Year Edition! How Close Are You To The Map? Check the infographic below!  Need some help catching up? WAY, WAY, WAY Behind? Or do you have lifeskill and/or disability accommodations that you need help with solving? Contact us! We are the experts in advocating and...

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#FGF: 25 Ways to Stop Cabin Fever and Accommodate ADD/ADHD

25 Ways to Stop Cabin Fever and Accommodate ADD/ADHD With the Snow Storms covering the USA, we thought we should update this list and help with activities and ideas of things to do to battle cabin fever. We chose to share with you a compilation of the tips shared by our clients.  Wishing you a fantastic, winter weekend! With record-breaking winters throughout the United States this year, children are spending more and more time indoors. Many of my clients report back ingenious ways that they have combated cabin fever, especially for students with ADD/ADHD. While TV, computer games and...

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10 Things Your Kids Need To Be Able To Do On Their Own By High School

10 Things Your Kids Need To Be Able To Do On Their Own By High School I recently shared something on my Facebook page that really struck me.  10 things that your kids need to be able to do on their own by middle school is this title of this article. (Read The Article HERE) Yes! Let’s set our kids free with loving and kind direction.  Since I work mainly in a coaching, advisor, advocate, consultant and therapist role for students in their late years of high school, I found the list a great preliminary step to sending your...

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Love The SmartPen

I Love the Lightscribe 3 SmartPen! The SmartPen is one of the top tools I have seen to help students succeed. Now on its third generation it is just getting better and better. But I get questions all the time when people see me using it. “How does it work?” “Why are you using it?” “What is that thing?” I actually received one as a gift by one of our clients and I couldn’t be happier with it. But remember, this is a tool and I am all for technology assisting learning. But as with any tool, it is...

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