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Parent Like A BOSS

Parent “Like A Boss!” What makes a good boss? What makes a good parent? There are hundreds of books, articles, blogs, videos, courses, classes, seminars, (enough? ok) and more on how to be a great boss. Parenting has it’s own library of media, but consensus about what makes a good parent is not nearly as clear. The answer to “How can I be a good parent?” is as simple as applying great “boss” strategy to parenting. Successful bosses make an effort to develop strategies that will them effective in the office. Employees who like their jobs most likely have managers who...

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An App For Every Resolution Everyone always wants my apps. Like that Leprechaun who has people after his Lucky Charms. And like him, I don’t want to tell my secrets. But now I do because I am going to be less secretive in the coming year, kidding! State secrets on the app attack: Resolution: Keeping calm and carrying on is the Calm app.  I have been using it religiously since august and it has made meditating a whole slew easier.  You can do two minute doses of calm, emergency calm and calm for commuting.  It makes meditating super accessible...

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Merry Christmas

The Christmas Season Is Upon Us! Love, Peace on Earth, Joy, Giving, and Forgiveness. This is what we all wish for this time of year. Take a moment during this, the busiest time of year, and think of those who you love. Reach out and let them know that you are thinking about them. If you have a relationship you need to repair, make the effort to reach out. You may be surprised at the positive reaction you receive. Be the person others see as being full of Peace, Love, and Joy. Spread that far and wide!...

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Holiday To Do List

During the holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own lives and forget what is really important. This list has been circulating around the interwebs, so we decided to put our spin on it! Be Present: Too often we get wrapped up (pun intended) in buying presents and gifts for those we love. In reality, the important thing it BEING PRESENT for them. Gifts are an expression of our affection for out loved ones, but spending time with them is what is more important. Be sure to plan plenty of together time this year! Wrap Someone In A Hug: This time of year can be lonely for some people. Be sure to reach out and hug your loved ones. If you can’t actually hug them, call them and let them know you are thinking about them. Send Peace: Peacemakers look to make things right. It could be some unresolved family issue, an issue in your community, or some larger issue. Peacemakers find ways to be a part of the solution in this world and not be part of the problem.  There are more than enough problems out there – let’s choose to make a difference for the GOOD. Donate Food: there are plenty of food pantries and relief agencies around looking for help. Make a quick call and see how you can...

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Making Holiday Gifts with Your Children

The holiday season is a great time to teach your children the importance of appreciation. Children with exceptionalities tend to have more adults with which they come into contact each day — from the regular, classroom teachers to varying therapists, counselors, etc. Purchasing gifts for each of these people can get very pricey very quickly. Thinking ahead (as in NOW) makes for nice gifts at an affordable price, plus therapeutic, together time with your child or children. Getting creative with gift giving and time budgeting will save your monetary budget and gives great long-term payoffs all around. Camping out...

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About Beyond Tutoring

Beyond Tutoring provides essential education services for students from 5th grade through college (even to graduate school), especially those with exceptionalities. We are different from "tutors" because we teach success, not just facts. We coach on how to learn, how to play the game, how to get into and succeed in college and in life. We invented the "life hack" for students. And it doesn't stop there, we support the parents, teachers and caretakers of our students as well. The end goal is for each student to be their own advocate. We specialize in Educational Mapping, Academic Advocacy and College Counseling. As you can see, we go way Beyond Tutoring! On our blog, we curate thoughtful and innovative articles sourced from teachers, advocates, educational mappers and designers of curricula, pedagogy and environment to create compelling content and concrete advice.

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