Back to school means returning to a pool of germs which is likely larger than that to which your child has been exposed over the summer.

As such, between all the other tasty treats on your plate, it would be wise to squeeze in a refresher on hygiene.

For starters, here are a couple of videos, cute and to the point, that explain germs and basic hygiene:

How do germs spread (and why do they make us sick)?

How do germs spread? And why do they make us sick? Click here to watch on YouTube (with captions!)

Children's pack Animation - Wash Your Hands

Children’s Pack Animation – Wash Your Hands. Click to watch on YouTube (with sign language and funky Scottish accent)

Other precautions include:

5 Hygiene Tips for Back to School Kids

Use Tissues

Carrying tissues for nose blowing, using them for their intended purpose and disposing of them properly.

Kids who are courteous enough to blow their noses in tissues, rather than the typical back-of-the-hand wipe and/or index finger pick not only avoid grossing out their peers but also keep their germs to themselves.

Eat out of your lunch box or bag

Though it goes without saying, it should be stated that food does not go straight down on tables.

Eat out of your lunch box or bag and if that isn’t enough, pack a napkin to put down on the table before putting food down. With scheduling pressure, many schools simply don’t have enough time between lunch shifts to sanitize the cafeteria tables properly.

There are child friendly hand sanitizing solutions and wipes widely available in packaging that can be easily tucked into a school bag.

Since illness often means absences, (and with that, missing material) up your child’s chances for success by making sure he stays healthy enough to stay in school.

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