Who are we?

Beyond Tutoring and Learning Lab LA provides essential education services for all students from kindergarten to graduate School, especially those with exceptionalities. We provide support for parents, teachers and caretakers as well as the student, making ours the only complete service for exceptional students. We specialize in Educational Mapping, Academic Advocacy and College Counseling.

Why are we different from “tutors”?

Tutors focus only on the class work. Beyond Tutoring looks for the root issue, works with the schools for accommodations, work with parents to fortify the program when they are working with their child, and build life long strategies for success beyond the classroom.

Can this service be provided anywhere?
Thanks to the Internet and services like Skype, YES! We can customize a plan for you anywhere in the world!

So you are a mentor, advocate, friend, teacher, attorney, organizational expert and lifestyle coach at once?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Why must we will out the intake form? 

This is basic information for us so we can set up your account in our system and so we know what to focus on during our initial consultation. We will custom design a plan to get the maximum results for YOU, this isn’t a generic plan. Every situation is different and so is every solution we create!

How is my bill figured?

Most clients are invoiced monthly, based on an hourly rate. Many clients realize they want to maximize their program and elect to go on a monthly flat rate plan. Rates depend on the types of services required and are customized for each client.

Why we are we so expensive?

Can I get a record of my session?

YES! We provide a complete list of sessions and times on the monthly invoices.

My friend needs help too, can I bring him along?

Sorry, but part of the benefit of our program is the structure of the environment we create. On top of that, your individual program is private and we will not share that information with anyone else without it being necessary and without discussing it first.
Now, having said that, if your ROOMMATE at school is having issues, we do encourage a working relationship there and will even offer a discount to your roommate (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

Can I hire you to have both of my kids in the program?

YES! We encourage the entire family to participate and we also know that these same issues often times will show in more than one student in the household. We LOVE for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, everyone to be involved! Family involvement and support helps the process!

Are you doing the work for me?

NO! Your assignments are for YOU to do! We will help you build the skills to be able to complete you work at a higher level than ever before. These are the skills that schools never teach. You will learn the skills for success all through your life.

Our commitment is to go beyond your wildest expectations for your educational consulting (don't believe the Internet, read what real live clients have to say here).  We don't have plans because we serve the whole family and the whole child and that is what we believe in: individualized treatment for your student, your problem and your life.  And we have the chops to back it up, between a masters in education, teaching and a law degree, we have the kindness, creativity and hutzpah to help.  Just fill out this little form and we will try and help! No matter what.    See What Our Real Clients Have To Say! Click Here For More! 

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