Paulette, Mother of three, San Diego, CA
Never have I ever felt this strongly before in writing a testimonial.  As a parent, it is very stressful knowing your child isn’t getting the academic support that he needs.  Katie told us that she could get support for my son in ways that we didn’t even know was possible.  Then she delivered those results to us in a very QUICK and STRESS FREE process!  Katie has the ability to tackle multiple issues at a time in an impressive and efficient manner.  She puts your mind, and your child’s mind at ease. She is very attentive and goes beyond the extra mile for you.  Even though Katie is quite busy, she treats you as if you are her only client.  In the process, she educates you on how to advocate for your child, and also teaches your child how to advocate for him/herself.  No one in the educational field has ever done so much for my son.  While I have never met Katie in person, I have an immense amount of gratitude towards her!
Greg, father of four, Boston, Massachusetts
I have four children and every educational consultant I have hired have been stiff suits. Enter Katie. Katie has both professionalism and a way of interacting with all of my children that is playful and endearing. She is the perfect mix of quintessential academic, straight to the point lawyer and strategist.  We regularly use her to create maps, deal with roadblocks and just chat about the future.  My daughter is now 22 and gainfully employed, and she still text Katie when she’s on vacation. Sometimes my wife and I call Katie to see how she is doing. She is truly an inspirational advocate and goes above and beyond.
Diane, mother of three, Greenwich, Connecticut
Have you ever heard of a 16-year-old boy sending his tutor and advocate a Christmas gift? My son, who loves sports and watching TV, made it a special point to make sure we were sending the Family Christmas card and a special gift as a “thank you” to Katie. Apparently my 16-year-old was struck and overjoyed that Katie had spent four hours cramming with him a night before a paper was due, helping him finalize it and make it just right.  The fact that he was struggling in vocabulary and she made personalized vocabulary tests using his hobbies and friends didn’t hurt.  Katie is now forever a part of our holiday card list.
Cass, mother of four, Los Angeles, California
I am almost embarrassed to think about the day I met Katie. We were so upset about something that happened in front of the judicial board at my son’s college. They told him if he didn’t get better grades he would be out. He has ADD/ADHD and  was struggling to acclimate to university life.  We were all frustrated because we knew he could do better, and I am glad we were able to find Katie, who gave him the tools to succeed in college. She is the “Olivia Pope” of academics — really she fixed EVERYTHING! He is now a Dean’s list student and we are all so incredibly grateful.
Leslie, mother of five (four with a learning disability), Atlanta, Georgia
Katie is a “Jill of all trades”.  She has helped all of my children through both her advocacy and educational mapping services.  We came to her during an accommodation crisis and through finding root issues and implementable solutions we were able to solve what could have been a disaster in my child’s future.  We now use Katie for all things education, from college applications to essays to  IEP and college accommodations.  She is a master at scheduling, logistics and keeping the peace.
Lisa, mother of three, Los Angeles
Katie has been working with our family for several years and has helped each of my children in different ways.  She has helped with academic accommodations, college admissions and resumes.
Joel, Father of two, Chicago, Illinois
We felt like the day we met Katie changed the course of our lives. After spending all night searching on Google, I finally found Katie’s site and we set up an appointment for that very day. I was struck by her responsiveness, her ability and the innate way she knew the balance between what is fair and what is right in the field of academic advocacy. I found myself saying that I had been looking for the last 10 years for her. To this day, I believe that.
Mary, mother of two, Bethesda, Maryland
Our family had spent close to $10,000 on educational consultants and tutors who were unresponsive and did not yield results before we found beyond tutoring. Although Katie services are not exactly inexpensive, the “rate of return” has been unbelievable.  I don’t regret a penny.  Don’t hesitate, book.
Molly, mother of one, Newport Beach, California
I used to have college students tutor my son. I felt that showing up to a tutoring session in sweats and possibly hungover was not the best example for my now 10 year old son, Dylan. Despite being a bit more seasoned than the average college kid, Katie readily and creatively incentivized our gifted student by creating and curating curriculum to challenge him beyond his schoolwork.  We couldn’t be happier with his progress.  The results and Dylan’s happiness speak for themselves.
Nicole, mom of Lola, Beverly Hills, California
As I have looked for an advocate and tutor for my daughter, Lola, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of “tutors” and not very many people who understand both the law and pedagogy of teaching. I felt so lucky to find Katie who has a thorough knowledge of both and is so fun, kind and witty. She delivers on excellent advice and forward progress with flair and undeniable passion.