Has it ever crossed your mind, dealing with the stresses of everyday life and your children who may or may not have an exceptionality, that camp may not just be for your kids but maybe for you as well. You are not alone!

This year I have seen more ads and opportunities for adults to go to camp. Although you may not have the means or opportunity to go to sleep away camp this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of camp to your home.

camping 2As a sometimes overwhelmed and busy family, how about creating the camp in your own backyard, Recreation Center or local park? For one week this summer, go to camp! During this week, you can take a virtual siesta from all the woes of everyday life and plan plan plan for camp. Here are some ways to create a camp in your own town:

Schedule it right now. It may only be April, but summer is quickly approaching. Find a week this summer that your spouse can take off work, the kids are home from camp and you are ready to be your own adventurer. Block off anywhere from two to 10 days and designate this family camp week.

Investigate. There are probably hundreds of free, outdoors activities in your local community. Making them part of your camp experience only requires legwork on your part. Instead of looking at vacations that you can’t afford, Focus your energy on creating the best camp experience for your family.

Plan. As a mother and perhaps mother to a child that has an exceptionality, you are well-versed in planning. For community camp, this may even be easier because you know that everyone is available, due to step one. Use your family master calendar or your Google calendar to schedule different enrichment activities, campsites and family hikes.

Ask. If you have the child with a physical disability, planning camp activities may be of utmost difficulty. The trick is simply to ask. Many national parks are governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and have accommodations for people in wheelchairs and other mobility issues. If you are camping, simply explain your situation and they will likely do the best they can to accommodate you.

family funEnjoy. The whole point of camping this to take a week off and enjoy your family in the great outdoors. Invite like-minded friends and family members to participate. Search Pinterest, Google in your local $.99 store to find enhancements to an already excellent camp adventure.

Have you ever been camping with your family? What are your simple camping hacks for a summer filled of fun, ease and love. Remember this same process can be utilized if you’re taking a mini-break with your significant other. An important take-away is to put your family and yourself first and schedule fun time because too often, as caregivers, we focus so much on the day to day and not enough in personal self-care.

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