Getting into the right college has life long consequences for you or your student.

With the average student being saddled with $35,000 in debt to repay after graduation, it is more important than ever to select and get into your first choice school. With the ever increasing costs of a degree, finishing on time is also important to reducing future debts. Let BeyondTutoring help in this process. Katie and her team have the expertise to guide you from the application process, to scheduling, accommodations, organization, study skills, and even resume writing after graduation. Maximizing the effectiveness of your college tuition while reducing the entire family’s stress levels. You can’t afford NOT to use BeyondTutoring’s College Counselling and Strategy Service!

Are you a college student in need of guidance?

Are you or your student somewhere in the college application process? Or, should I say STUCK somewhere in the college application process?

Katie is an expert at the college application and admittance process. She has helped hundreds of students get in to their top choice school and students off the dreaded “waitlist.“. Known as the “Shakespeare of the college essay,” Katie has the experience to help students write the essays that admissions officers love to read. She also helps students once they are in college receive accommodations, create schedules, organize their school work and hone study habits.


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