Today is one of my favorite days. It is the first of May which heralds in summer, but it is also college decision day, a day where all the students I have counseled through the admissions process are now decided (or at least committed to one school, perhaps with wait list on another). We have a story if you are still on the wait list here. Mostly this is my favorite day because it is both the end of a chapter and the beginning of a great new chapter for young adults. Thumbs up As it is certainly the end of the college admissions process and the almost the end of school, it comes with a bit of space — what should we do now? How do we prepare without packing? How do we get excited while remaining positive and focused? Here are my top four picks for getting ready for college in May:

  1. Enjoy! This is a great time to enjoy your progress and the outcomes of your incredible, hard work. This also goes for mom and dad, brother and sister and extended family. Commemorate your son’s or daughter’s hard work and frame that admissions letter and have a small celebration for this day. A cool idea one of my clients did was blue and gold colored cupcakes for family dessert. Care to wager a guess where her son finally decided?
  2. Focus on the summer. What are you going to do this summer to prepare for college? This is a great time to brush up on your foreign language and take transferable “hard” classes in a community college setting. Why not start early in boosting your GPA?
  3. Research! This is such a good time to learn about requirements, classes, majors and teachers. There are so many amazing online research tools such as Rate my Professor that will give you insights about teachers and classes. You can call college advisers or other contacts to make sure you understand the requirements, freshman courses and transferable requirements.
  4. Stay Informed. This is your time to get informed and get excited about the process. Start a binder about these courses — I can’t tell you how many clients I have to help through requirements because of an overlooked foreign language or art class. It is great to start early.

Where did your child end up committing?

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