25 Ways to Stop Cabin Fever and Accommodate ADD/ADHD

With the Snow Storms covering the USA, we thought we should update this list and help with activities and ideas of things to do to battle cabin fever. We chose to share with you a compilation of the tips shared by our clients.  Wishing you a fantastic, winter weekend!

With record-breaking winters throughout the United States this year, children are spending more and more time indoors. Many of my clients report back ingenious ways that they have combated cabin fever, especially for students with ADD/ADHD. While TV, computer games and phones have their place, use this time to increase literacy, family togetherness and can-do spirit.
Inside fun face

  1. Campout anyone? S’mores, ghost stories around the fire and sleeping bags. Just because it isn’t outside does not mean it can’t be fun.
  2. Play with a play. Have each member of your family take a roll and record it for posterity.
  3. Monopoly! Monopoly is a great game to increase financial literacy and it takes a lot of time!
  4. Make a movie! Lights, camera and action — with the ease of a smartphone, you can create, edit and share movies. These movies actually make an amazing, virtual, environmentally-friendly holiday card.
  5. Talent Show: I bet you would be surprised!
  6. Create a family blog. WordPress is free! Create a blog to commemorate your family’s ingenious snow activities.
  7. Create a whole new world! Just like JRR Tolkien creating middle earth, imagine how fun it would be to create a new world inside your home – create bylaws,regions and a language.
  8. Scavenger hunt. These take very little effort and have a lot of reward in terms of increased literacy and exponential fun.
  9. Table tennis, pool or other indoor sports. It’s hard with all that pent up energy during the winter months! Think about more active things you can do inside,whether that be an indoor obstacle course, table tennis or family Olympics.
  10. Ever wanted to bake bread from scratch? This is the time! Do an ethnic recipe from your family archives whether that be Irish soda bread, moussaka or the like. Use that pent-up energy to knead by hand!
  11. Aloha! Just because it is cold outside does not mean it cant be Hawaii for a Day. Drink mocktails with Island garnishes and learn about the traditions and culture of our 50th state.
  12. Vegas baby! In the same vein, you can go on a virtual trip! Set up a card table and learn poker for Vegas.
  13. Eiffel towerBon Voyage! …Or create an Eiffel Tower and learn a bit of French! Do not forget to incorporate regional cuisine.
  14. Write letters and make cards for our soldiers abroad!
  15. Build an invention. From thinking up what needs to be invented, to planning how this should be carried out to building the product, be it with building blocks or by recycling household items, get that imagination fired up!
  16. Clean and donate! Clean out the cupboards, garage and clothing reserve.
  17. Get a head start on spring cleaning.  Maybe use this as an opportunity to get study space organized.
  18. Help others. If you have the items, create winter survival packs for our homeless.
  19. Bundle up and build a snowman!
  20. Take a short nature walk or a snow shoe adventure.
  21. Snow angels are a good break from some of these great and long indoor activities.
  22. DIY Hot chocolate  A great teacher gift and hostess gift is to create DIY hot chocolate in mason jars. Just add water and do not forget the marshmallows. Better yet – sell these jars and use the proceeds to help children in need and teach your children entreprenurship.
  24. Get out and learn. Take a trip to a local museums for little or no cost.
  25. Ask your children what THEY want to do (besides screen time)! 

What is your favorite cabin fever anecdote? Can you see your family participating? Which would be most edifying for children with disabilities?

Group of happy kids together on winter sunny day

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