How to find the right tutor for your LD child

You finally have a diagnosis and possibly an IEP or 504 plan.

Your student still needs a bit more help in school, so what is next?

First, read our page for tips and tricks to make sure that your child’s work product is a product of his or her effort and not the disability.

At some point you may wonder, does my child need a tutor?

If so, what kind of tutor would best fit with my child?

Tutors will help your child not only to get good grades but in a more holistic way.

Finding the right tutor for your LD child is crucial. 

A good tutor will act as a guide to him/her by providing a personal strategy specifically for him depending on his own personal skills, abilities and learning pace.

At the end, the tutor will lead your child toward academic independence. The most important thing in hiring a tutor is finding someone with experience with your particular disability and diagnosis, the compassion and patience to help and with knowledge in the subject matter.

See below for details!

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