We discussed the perils of high stakes testing (Insert backlink) and
we know that it is a tough time for students across the United States
(and many countries around the world). In the spirit of high stakes
testing, let us practice high stakes mindfulness and perspective.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to manage the stress of testing:

Stand like Superman and crouch like Spiderman: Can you believe
that just standing like Superman makes you feels like Superman? I
know, totally shocking, right? But science proves that just going into
the bathroom a few minutes before a test and doing power poses can result in more power and
strength during the test which leads to better test scores? Don’t
believe me? Check out this exceptional video that has inspired me to
look for my inner Wonderwoman.

Om like Buddha: It is proven that meditation helps with school
associated stress. Practicing a bit of mediation as a family or instilling this practice for success
will be a helpful resource during test taking. We really like this
meditation from Bex (although she says she doesn’t like school, that
is where we come in). It is only four minutes, and can be easily
viewed on a smartphone or performed in the car before school.

We also like these simple yoga moves that emphasize breathing.

Calm Chamomile Banana SmoothieRelax smoothie: We just love our relaxation smoothie. It has protein, healthy fats and a special relaxation component: chamomile! Try integrating delicious and calming teas into
your favorite smoothie recipes.

The Write Way: This one is a bit counter intuitive but actually works for our older students. Write just anything before a test. For 8-10 minutes free write madly over in a journal and a piece of scratch paper and you can get a better score. Think this is too easy to be true? Check this out!

Practice Perspective for Performance: The ETS (Educational Testing Service) says that the best way to combat test-taking is preparation,
organization and practice. We say that the most important P to
remember in order to beat the test tremors is Perspective. Have a chat with
your child that testing is just one day and doesn’t impact how smart
you think he or she is — again, it is just one day and isn’t
prescriptive. You know you will love your child and think he or she is
exceptional despite testing outcomes. Make sure this is drilled into
the student much more than facts and Common Core State Standards.

What are your favorite test hacks? Which one will you try this year?

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