FreeHave you ever had a money free weekend? I am trying it! What is a money free weekend? That is spending one weekend (maybe one weekend a month if it works) spending no money! Can you do it? Can I do it! Well, we will see this weekend (well, not this weekend because it is my brother’s wedding and I will have to drive substantially). These are the tips on how I have accomplished money free weekends in the past. This is especially good training for people on a strict budget, college students or college-bound students who have never kept a budget in the past.

Google is your best friend. Begin by checking out “free family events + your city” and go from there. You will be so shocked to see the amazing things that can be found in community centers, libraries and local parks. You can spend a whole weekend doing free things at just your local library – from free DVDs, story time and events, you will be jammed packed with fun and hardly believe you did not spend any money.

Board game extravaganza: Use your own resources to have a board game day. This is so much fun and can really hone argument skills. Make sure to ask questions!

Go REVERSE recipe hunting: Since you can’t buy anything, be sure to know what you already have and need to use and make from there. Instead of googling recipes, google ingredients and get creative.

Begin organizing: We created a great list of ways to organize on little to no money. Begin during no money weekend!

Start goal setting: Use paper and pencils, old magazines and glue sticks to create vision boards and family goal chalkboards.

forestGo on a hike: Summer is a time where you can go on an amazing hike for free. The outdoors is a great canvas! Be creative.

And pack a picnic: Use what you already have to treat yourself to an outdoor lunch after your great hike.

Family summer blog: Blogs are free! Begin a summer blog and use your smart phone and free templates to make it a rich, visual experience.

Check out our cabin fever list – most of these are free!

Volunteer: This is better than free, it helps others. In the spirit of this weekend money cleanse, go help those less fortunate to remind you of the great things in life.

Have you tried a money diet? What are you favorite things to do when you are on a tight budget?

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