Anne 1We couldn’t think of a better way to honor all those amazing foster and adoptive parents out there than sitting back with the age-old classic, Anne of Green Gables. Available both in book series form and in the less detailed, but beautifully-done feature length movie series, Anne (played by Megan Follows) and her adopted foster mother, Marilla (played by Colleen Dewhurst), give us a glimpse into the world of foster care, institutionalized care and adoption.

In their five-star acting, Follows, Dewhurst and Richard Farnsworth (playing the part of Matthew Cuthbert) take us through a full range of very real emotions involved in this process: uncertainty, frustration, exasperation, despair, hope and love.

For families considering going through foster care certification, Anne of Green Gables would be a great starting point. Plan to view this movie together with your children at a time that would allow for an awake, round-table discussion afterward. Another option would be to watch it in sections with shorter discussions after each section. Discuss the emotions and difficulties in Anne’s life and also discuss Matthew’s and Marilla’s difficulties in this situation. Have your child pretend what she would be going through, were she to be Anne’s new foster sibling.

Anne 2We would like to take this opportunity to recognize all those families out there, foster parents, foster grandparents and foster siblings alike, that give life their all in giving a new life to children in need. The right family makes all the difference in children becoming balanced adults and contributing members of society, all the more so, for children with exceptionalities.  In most states, the foster care system is terribly overburdened.  Children with exceptionalities that are taken into foster homes may present their own challenges, but the rewards are manifold.

We invite foster and adoptive parents to share their trials and triumphs and encourage others to take that big, rewarding step of making that immeasurable difference in the life of a child.

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