Smartphone 1In preparation for digital day, I would like to offer a few ways to make assignments more fun for exceptional and students who confine to the normative alike.

Blog about it! A great way to encourage writing is to blog! Start a family blog for free in WordPress in order to commemorate life and family experiences.

Facebook it! Try putting a great novel into FaceBook terms. Are they in a relationship? What would a character’s status be?

Twitter it! Follow educational and inspirational people to enrich your student’s curriculum!

Create a prezi. Create a beautiful presentation in lieu of a physical assignment. This would also make a great holiday card or a way to electronically share your summer vacation or a memory.

Get a Skype “pen” pal: Have your student speak and connect to family members all over the globe and work on spoken literacy skills. This is an amazing way to keep in touch, learn new languages and hone rhetoric.

Computer 1Go on a virtual tour. A lot of amazing places around the world offer virtual tours — from zoos to historical sites. Let the web be your guide.

There are a lot of free resources to supplement your curriculum on the web! Keep your eyes out and fingers on the keyboard.

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