This #FeelGoodFriday post is written by Molly’s mom. Molly has Non-Verbal Learning Disability and Auditory Processing Disorder, so she has some ideas that will help moms, especially mothers of children with exceptionalities feel great. Get your family ready to celebrate a great Mothers’ Day!

This post, together with tomorrow’s, is not for Mom. Pass this link right on over to any Significant Other. Mom shouldn’t have to get everyone ready for Mothers’ Day – that would completely defeat the purpose.

Happy Mothers Day

Main point – Make Mom feel loved and appreciated. Especially in families with a child or children with exceptionalities, often a lot of the stress involved falls on Mom’s shoulders. Phone calls, therapy appointments, exercises at home, research into appropriate therapies and schools, patience necessary for endless non-standard behavior, school meetings, doctors… let her know that she’s doing a great job.

  • Must have pictures / thank you / we love you cards and pictures from the kids. Include a list of “Thank You For…” Martha Stewart-professional isn’t the goal here. You should be able to hear hugs and giggles looking at this artwork.
  • Mom is Queen for the Day. If you make a big to-do, but Mom has to make sure lunch doesn’t burn and then do the dishes, that doesn’t work. Turn the fancy down a notch or two to whatever you and the kids can handle, entirely on your own. If that leaves buying take-out, so do it.
  • A gift. Again, price isn’t the issue here, at least not for most of us. We understand that everyone is busy and logistics get complicated, which is why knowing that you took time out to think, purchase, wrap and hide a gift makes all the difference. If you really need gift options, maybe consider some of the possibilities below, though with each woman, thankfully, being her own person, some of these ideas might be completely ludicrous for the mom on your list.


Scented bath set

Mom-themed wall art

Coupon book – room cleaning, foot rub, making dinner, etc.


Family photo session

You get the idea… notice that there is nothing on that list that means that Mom has to DO anything. A blender is generally NOT an appropriate, appreciative gift.

With love and hugs and great big thanks to all those special moms out there!

-Molly’s mom

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