How To Get Your Routine Running a Week EarlyWe discussed the importance of making a good first impression at school.

With all the training in the world, a tired child who hasn’t sat for more than fifteen minutes at a time for over two months has absolutely no chance of success in this arena.

Long jumping and the first day of school both have something in common – the need for a running start into the event.

Your run up to the beginning of the school year requires, ideally, one week.

This does not mean sitting at a desk for 45 minutes at a time, nor does this require endless reams of worksheets.

How To Get Your Routine Running a Week Early

  1. Your child needs to go to sleep and wake up at the same time as will be required for school.
  2. Have fun and go places but keep some semblance of mealtimes, similar to those during the academic year. This will help your child’s stomach be ready for meals at times food will be accessible, thus minimizing the chances of hungry crankiness sneaking up in the middle of math class.
  3. Sneak in more concentrating, physically sedentary time. No, screen time doesn’t count for this.  While video games may help train your child to be a fighter pilot, they don’t lay a path toward successful classroom learning.

A few ideas:

  • Library trips, especially for story hour and reading time before/after.
  • Board games with friends
  • Preparing a salad (brush up on those fine motor skills)
  • Have a problem solving, detailed discussion or debate
  • Reading up on (safe) scientific experiments and trying a few

So have your fun, run and laugh, but take into account that you want the fun and laughs to continue through the autumn, too, and beyond.

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