How To Encourage Your Child Explore and Play In The Great Outdoors

Today and this week we are discussing the natural world and the importance that it lends to education.

We discussed questions you could ask and ways to explore, but one of the most important pieces of advice is to allow your child to have room to explore and play in the outdoors and beyond this summer.

Too often as teachers, parents, school administrators and advocates we try to quantify and make play time educational, searching for a hybrid of play/school.

While play can be educational and school can be fun, it is by allowing the opportunity to let yourself go in play that creativity is released, minds can be sharpened and energy heightened.

Play and uniting with the natural world allows your student to experience wonder and delight in the outdoors and have the natural remedy of fresh air and dirt from a sometimes overly sanitized world.

Even more importantly, valuing play in the outdoors, natural curiosity and fun allows students to escape the screen and experience all of their senses this summer.

There are hundreds of reasons to ditch the screen but this is one of the most important ones: senses can be explored, honed and wonder ensued when play (especially outside) is put on a pedestal.

So, ditch the iEverything, and get outside!

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