Earth Day is coming and this year is the perfect time to increase mindfulness and create a fun event around Earth Day.

  1. Buy plants and flowers and beautify a forgotten part of your neighborhood.
  2. Do a neighborhood trash cleanup.
  3. Throw an Earth Day reduce, reuse and recycle gathering where people in the neighborhood can all bring clothing and items that others can up-cycle in their homes. You can have paint and simple craft tools to aid with the re-purposing.
  4. Join a conservation group.
  5. Take a tour of a nature conservatory.
  6. Have your kids make treasure out of trash – take photos and share online to bring awareness.
  7. Take a virtual tour or an actual tour of a trash dump or treatment plant — know where your waste is going to reduce.
  8. Learn about how the Earth was formed.
  9. Have your kids research an environmental issue that directly impacts them. In California, the drought is a huge one!
  10. Have your kids create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) on how kids like them can help conserve and advocate for their environmental issue of choice.
  11. Host a movie night and screen an Earth friendly documentary – The Planet Earth, An Inconvenient Truth or any other environmental movie that has impacted the way you see the globe.
  12. Plant a garden. This can be done in an apartment. (see video)
  13. Visit a local farmers’ market and have you kids interview the vendors about their food choice. Again, try to film it and make a video to pass around!
  14. Go to the beach and clean up once you are there.
  15. Go on a terrific family hike.
  16. Visit a national park – many have wonderful accommodations for the disabled.
  17. Make your kids energy vampire hunters. Unplug electronics that are simply plugged in and are off. Explain the importance of energy conservation.
  18. Trash challenge – for a week, see who in the family can create the least amount of trash.
  19. Do kid yoga or take your kids to a yoga class. (see below)
  20. Think about how you are going to extend some of these practices throughout the year!


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