tracking-screen-time Like home budgeting or any other organizational task, writing things down keeps us on track toward our goals.

Today I’ll share with you a variety of links to tracking and scheduling kids’ screen time.

You have the options of online app tools, printable tools to specifically limit screen time and more general, printable schedules where you can fit the screen time into a daily or weekly routine.

Online App Tools:

  • – allows the child to earn free time by doing chores and as a reward for good behavior
  • – for iPhone and iPad, can be used by the whole family to show your kids that you’re doing your best to make the most of your time, too.

Printable Limiting Tools:

  • Free Printable Screen Time Tracker – This is a colorful, printable clock with a moving hand. Every time your child uses any screen, you or your child moves the hand so that all the time is added together until he reaches his time limit.
  • Being Active is Fun Healthy Goals – Printable Tracking Sheet – This is a cute chart but only covers television time.
  • Screen Time Chart (Pricelessparenting) – This chart covers all screen activities but is less colorful and more complicated than simpler versions. I wouldn’t consider using it for children under third or fourth grade.
  • Game Time Chart (TeachMama) – This link presents a useable chart for school-aged children, plus printable coupons for children to earn their time. This mother put together a program with these tools that can get children of different ages excited.

Printable Screen Time Schedules:

Often times, simply knowing when screen time will be allowed is enough to keep children from constantly whining for more time. Seeing that it is planned in and exists makes it real.

This will only work if you make sure you can keep to the schedule. Here are a few beautiful schedules that can be printed out for one child or for an entire family.

To make it more believable, post this list in a central location or near the computer. As far as most children are concerned, a list folded in your pocketbook might as well not exist at all.

Learning how to budget one’s time, while still covering the tasks and goals that need to be tackled is a valuable life skill. There’s no time like the present to start!

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