Happy Easter and Happy Passover, readers! During this time of celebration within two of the largest religions, we often gather with family and friends over a meal or bond through eating eggs and chocolate. If you are a mother or father with a child with food allergies or insensitivity, Easter and Passover maybe riddled with problems.

passoverDuring Passover, those with celiac disease may not be able to eat the traditional matzo. In this case, there are several alternatives. Manischewitz and other brands have begun making gluten-free matzo with oat flour to accommodate a growing population of those with gluten insensitivity and celiac disease. Be sure to check out these gluten-free alternatives so you can still celebrate while accommodating any dietary restrictions.

EasterDuring Easter, traditionally children look for bags filled with candy, dyed chicken eggs and chocolate bunnies. This is a nightmare for the parent of a child with food allergies. Some ideas to minimize the allergens is to look online for dairy-free and sugar-free alternatives to Easter treats. Another way to hack Easter is to buy plastic fillable eggs and fill them with allergen-friendly treats so your child can still participate in an egg hunt without sacrificing the fun. These plastic refillable eggs can be found at your local pharmacy or supermarket and can be filled with granola and chocolate alternatives.

During this time where food is one of the focal points a celebration, it is important to remember those who cannot fully participate and may feel stigmatized due to this lack of participation. Remember that the only limit to participation is your own creativity and that you can change certain traditions to encompass and include your entire family.

For those families who have been sensitivities or avoid certain foods, what is your favorite way to celebrate the holidays without food allergens?

Happy Passover and Easter!

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