Question sadHappy Digital Learning Day! Not only is the internet an essential and helpful tool these days for teaching children, it’s also a wonderful source of information for parents – especially for those with children with exceptionalities. For those of us with children falling outside the norm, the mommy chit-chat on the park bench isn’t always helpful.

Are you suspecting or dealing with an exceptionality in your child? If so, here is how you can utilize the internet to its utmost to help your child:

Official organizations – Do you have a label for your child? If you do, plug that into a search engine and see if there are any specific organizations made to help those affected with the same issue.

These are a great address for general advice, legal issues and perhaps also a springboard to reach parent forums.

Parent forums – These are a great tool to share tips, perhaps get in contact with local parents dealing with similar issues, find out what is available in the school system in your area and sometimes, to just vent your frustrations and share your triumphs.

Question happyIssue-specific forums – A portion of our anxiety, as parents, is in thinking toward the future – what does it hold for a child with a specific issue? Tapping into adult forums will give you a look in, and most likely be very reassuring. Just be sure to identify yourself as a parent, as falsifying identity on a forum is in very poor taste.

Research and breakthroughs – Of course, there are heaping piles of rumors and garbage on the internet, we all know that. However, there are reputable sites out there showing advances and research being done on oodles of issues. No need to be an addict, just check in every once in a while to keep your finger on the pulse. You could bump into something, either medical or legal, that could be that push that makes all the difference for your child.

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