Today is Valentine’s Day and I am writing because I am just so thrilled and inspired that Scope, a disability charity in the UK, has truly reframed the holiday to #EndTheAwkward and the stigmatization against people with disabilities.  Through these exceedingly clever cards, Scope succeeds in showing us that people with disabilities need love to.  I would encourage all of my readers in the UK and beyond to check out this amazing site and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  They also have amazing videos and blog posts about ending the awkwardness in dealing with disabled people in the public sphere.


Isn’t this just the greatest?



All of their very wonderful Valentines!

One terrific post that they did on Buzzfeed was showing disabled people in cinema (  Although this blog mainly deals with younger children, we should, as advocates, actively try to #EndTheAwkward around disability and love.  The less stigma surrounding the lives of people with differences the better.  This type of initiative and acceptance demonstrates to our children with exceptionalities that they will be able to find love and happiness one day.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I donated to their very worthwhile cause (donations go to sponsor students with disabilities in the UK’s foster care system). Forty percent of foster children are disabled.  I hope that we can get a SCOPE-like initiative in the US and real understanding of people with disabilities.  As a love letter or a Valentine to the exceptionalities in our lives let’s make this #EndtheAwkward a reality.  Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is about demonstrating and feeling love.  What are you doing today to demonstrate love and be thankful?

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