child-desk-cleanNow that you’ve purchased color-coordinated school supplies for easy-peasy organization, it’s time to start getting excited about a super functional, clean desk.

Keeping on top of at-home study space is easier than the “away” front, meaning the desk at school.

More difficult does not mean impossible. A little time investment and creativity can go a long way.

Show your child your own work space, be it at home or in the office.

Demonstrate how neatness and efficiency go hand in hand.

You can even make it into a game. “Tell me anything to find and let’s see how fast I can find it!”

Find a box that’s around desk-size. Let your child fiddle around with the school supplies and a few books to see which setup would work best for her.

Once she’s got that figured out, take a picture and tuck it in her school bag for The First Day. She may want to consult it, she may not, but just having that experience under her belt will make initial setup less of a hit-or-miss situation.

After the first few days of school..

Swing by to pick your child up at school and have a look at the new classroom, the school and of course, the desk. See if it needs some work.

Minimize the renovations necessary and compliment the progress made. Take a picture of your child’s desk with your child’s things, all set up in a functional manner.

Once you have a hard copy of the picture, have your child either tuck it between things in the desk or even better, tape it to the top inside of the desk for reference.

Of course, I’m not talking about over-coddling your child. These recommendations are for a child who has difficulty getting organized.

Unfortunately, very few schools have the resources to give one-on-one help in this area and as such, otherwise capable children can fall through the cracks of disorganization. Use your time to help your child learn help himself, rather than using that time to nag potentially overtaxed school staff. This will lay the path for better organization, cooperation and school relationships.


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