Albert Einstein

Arguably the greatest scientist of all times, Albert Einstein has been analyzed by various Autism experts and many of the signs shows that he had a Learning disability. In his biography, the Author explains that Einstein failed to talk until the age of four, and could not read until the age of nine, but he would repeat sentences over and over.

His independent and rebellious nature could also explain why in his adulthood he had so many love affairs – and wives- , but so does the Asperger Syndrome, a variation of Autism where the individual presents fixated interest and repetitive behavior.
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Stephen Hawking

Being diagnosed with a motor neuron disease at a young age could have been devastating to anyone; not to Stephen Hawking who was always interested in researching what he has always been intrigued about: the universe.

Having a motor disability that squeezed his nervous system day after day resulting in complete paralysis did not stop him to be the great scientist he is now.

His work has been awarded several times, and his books are best sellers in the category of Theoretical Cosmology.

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Ludwing van Beethoven

He was “the court’s most promising young musician” in his native Bonn, Germany. Even Mozart pointed out that someday, he will create something that people will remember for the rest of their days.

Despite being deaf for most of his life and struggle trying to make out the words spoken, he composed the best pieces of musical work in recent history. His disability did not stop him to be one of the icons in classical music.

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Frida Kahlo

Struggling with Polio and several motor disabilities due to accidents was never an impediment to do what she loved the most: painting.

Her paintings gained notoriety after her death and she has been an icon for the feminist movement since the decade of the 70’s.

She used her experiences and emotions in life to create pieces of art that are recognized everywhere in the world. During her long bedridden periods, she cultivated her art and her passion for life.

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