It is that time of the year — the dreaded “high stakes” testing. Things have gotten so bad in terms of student stress that states like Ohio offer teacher tips on how to clean vomit off the test booklet! I kid you not! People are also opting out of high stakes testing in record numbers. ‘Last Week Tonight‘ host says. “Tests are supposed to be assessments of skills, not a rap battle on ‘8 Mile’ road”. While we agree with more holistic testing, it is important to note that standardized testing is on the rise. John Oliver, in his usual flair, did a riveting and smart expose on these tests. Warning, there is some salty language and content, so play it when young kids are in bed. Again, while we agree testing, in some form, is a necessity, we should critically look at how this effects our schooling and most importantly our students. While we acknowledge it is important to gauge progress, a test is just one day and prescriptive. Schools are being more frequently changed to encourage so-called accountability and teaching to the tests. (Source) pencils 2With that said and being cognizant of this increase and the stress surrounding this accountability, keep an eye out for some mindful test taking tips.

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