Nothing beats the summer boredom blues like a party. Kids love the Minecraft game, a versatile adventure in imagination, thus making it a perfect party theme. Having your children plan and prepare the bulk of the party will give them a productive, creative outlet that can take anywhere from a day to a week prior to the do.

So what do you need for a good party? Food, favors and fun! Here are some suggestions to cover your bases, from invitations to goody bags and everything in between.

Minecraft partyInvitations
The internet is just overflowing with free printables, many under the category of Minecraft. Chances are that any child old enough to be playing this great game can also put together invitations using free material available on the net.

Getting the games part of the party together will require the ingenuity of older children and/or parents. Scavenger hugs, sandcastle competitions, making swords and pickaxes and setting up a petting zoo can all easily fit into your Minecraft theme. This one link alone has enough ideas to keep you going for quite a while. Get a few kids together on planning the entertainment and the crew could come up with enough activities to keep the neighborhood summer blahs at bay for at least a week, solid.

One of the really fantastic built-ins in this game is the food! No more junk, we’re presented with options of melon, carrots, baked potatoes, chicken pumpkin pie and cookies! What a great way to introduce or reinforce how fun, colorful and varied healthy snacks can be!

Here, we’re back to the kids-can-do-it side of the planning. With a few carefully chosen, readily available arts-and-crafts supplies, the sky’s the limit on creativity. You’ll need green, of course. Pixilate your graphics and voila!

There’s no reason to spend the summer being bored. This is only one of the endless possibilities for informal education and social skills building that can and should happen through June, July and August.

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