badgradeNo matter how hard a student tries, a periodic bad grade is almost inevitable. When a child works, struggles and still fails, the let down can be devastating.

How can you help your child or student bounce back? Here are five great ideas, to be carried out in whichever order works for your situation:


How did this happen? Was the material misunderstood? Did the student stay up too late the night prior to testing? Was there an error in scoring the test?

2. Strategize

If indeed the material was misunderstood, make sure that doesn’t happen again. Find another way to study, ask the teacher for clarification, get in some more tutoring time, learn to relax.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Together with your child and her teacher, go over what has already happened and build realistic goals to build from that experience. Meeting realistic goals often gives a student the power to hit goals that were previously beyond reach.

4. Reaffirm

Your confidence in your child, your unconditional love. Emotional health comes first!

5. Take a Breather

Once the storm has blown over, put some space between your student and the turmoil through a planned distraction. See a movie, go mini-golfing… whatever works for you!

6. Regain confidence

Spend some time with your child doing what he or she enjoys and in which he or she excels.  This will get your child hitting the ground once again, this time running in a positive direction.

Enjoy that next A!!

happy teen

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