Womens Day 4What mothers of disabled and exceptional children have taught me about being a woman and being strong:

This week we are looking at the way women have changed the landscape for the exceptional student. I would be remiss not to discuss how these mothers have dramatically shaped and influenced my life. I am honored to write this tribute to mothers of children with exceptionalities and really look at what they have taught me.

Mother and small childThere is no love like a mothers love. I have been lucky enough to work for women who have shown the most profound and miraculous love through their tears, advocacy and sweat equity.

  1. There is no voice stronger or more powerful than a mother’s when speaking about her child who is suffering. Good, bad or indifferent — many online disagreements stem from mothers who are zealously advocating for their child’s interest. We need to find a way, as women, to unite around this passion. As women, our voices may not be as loud, but they are profoundly and energetically directed to creating good in our communities’ lives.
  2. Women create change through community impact. Again, I have been so lucky to work with women and mothers who create an intrinsic set of values, passion and love that in turn brings change and unity to the community that surrounds them. There is something especially wonderful about the way women create communities through their love, kindness and organizational spirit.
  3. Women survive and thrive under pressure. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that a women is like a tea bag, in that you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her under hot water. While all women are often times valued for their physical appearance, I am truly blessed to work for women who are beautiful because of how they handled adversity and stress. I am always impressed and challenged in my own life by the mothers of my clients teaching me the depth of the human spirit through preservation through setbacks.
  4. Gratitude. I have been lucky that I have received many tokens of gratitude, big and small, from my clients. Even amidst life crises, mothers show gratitude in the most amazing and spectacular ways. From wonderful flowers to 40 pounds of fruit, I have read countless cards thanking me for my help in advocating for children. How can these mothers have so much love and grace in their heart? They are my heroes and convince me that the human heart knows no bounds.
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