We all know that getting exercise is vital for our physical and mental health.  It lifts our mood and makes life that much better.

Kids and woman doing gymnastic exercises with balls - stretching their back

In the cold winter months, getting moving can be a challenge.  Outdoors is generally not very inviting in the colder climates.  For a family with children who need that activity, be it due to weight issues, health interests, ADHD, sensory issues or what-have-you, being housebound day after day can be very trying.

That is why we have assembled the following fab list of indoor activity ideas to keep everyone moving, all the way until the snow melts.

  • Aerobics – Let the kids join you and your favorite CD star, or join the kids with their favorite.
  • Dance, dance, dance! – Take out your fun, fast tunes and shake it!  The kids will laugh their heads off at you and you can giggle with them while you’re all sweating your guts out.
  • Obstacle course – Using various items from around your home, create a course of items to climb over, crawl under and be navigated around or slithered through.
  • High tech options – Dance mat and Wii are perpetual favorites, but they also involve screen time, so use them wisely.
  • Teddy bearsJump rope – Make sure you aren’t going to whack into anything before you start.  Have the kids take turns with friends, turn on some music and have a great time.
  • Teddy bear war – Think snowball fight, but with stuffed animals.  Check for hard pieces first, for safety.  Ready, set, go!

Yoga is also a great, indoor sport, just not as fast-moving.  Check out this and this for BeyondTutoring’s yoga write-ups.

What do you like to do for indoor moving-it fun?

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