How To Help Your Teen Make A Good First Impression In SchoolIn an ideal world, everyone would wait to get to know one another before forming any kind of opinion.

Unfortunately, reality hasn’t reached this ideal and as such, first impressions are very important.

If your child tends toward making a less-than-sterling first impression, maybe actualize the issue for him by showing pictures of foods.

Ask how this food looks, tastes and smells.  Then explain what the picture doesn’t tell – it’s actually award-winning fare, the bottom is actually burnt, it’s really a picture of plastic food… whatever you want to put in there.

You’ve just shown your child that first impressions DO count.

Your child formed a first impression of that food on first glance.

Depending on school policies, a teacher may have been given background information concerning your child, but teachers are well aware that many students use the summer months to reset priorities, grow and catch up, both on social and study skills.

For every day, but especially the first:

  1. Pack the backpack the night before, checking again to make sure that all necessary materials are there.
  2. Make sure your child shows up to school clean, wearing at least fairly matching clothes and with hair brushed.
  3. Make sure your child eats a good breakfast to insure better concentration and behavior.
  4. Talk to your child about the importance of investing the extra effort on manners and general behavior to make sure to start the new year on the right foot.

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