You’ve probably heard your kids repeating all kinds of buzz about the popular computer game, Minecraft. So, why is it so popular and what’s the buzz about? That’s what I’m here to tell you.
Minecraft is a kid-safe, high quality, open-world, creative game. With no foul language, no sexually related content, a low amount of violence and no notable gore, this is exciting for parents, even before the first click. The audio, on the other hand, is nothing to get excited about at this point, but I’m sure that’ll improve in future versions of the game.

Katie - Minecraft Review.3The graphics are the fun part here. The “world” is randomly generated by the game and can be moderated by the user, allowing the child to let his or her imagination run wild. Everything is done in low-level pixilation, which requires some getting used to, but it also adds to the fun. The world of the game isn’t presented to the player on a silver platter, it requires brain work, and fun brain work is great!

Minecraft does take some time to figure out. It isn’t entirely intuitive, but there are plenty of tutorials out there, including free videos on YouTube. Chances are your child has friends who also know how to play – what a fun goal for a play date! What we’re talking about is essentially a virtual cross between Lego and fantasy adventure, both favorites with many children.

Katie - Minecraft Review.4The main characters involved are pigs, cows, chickens and octopi. Objects in the game include pork chops, leather and eggs. The “bad guys” are vague, green humanoids called “zombies”, skeletons and exploding, speckled creatures called “creepers”. Of course, there must be weapons involved, so the player may create swords, bows and arrows.

The basic version of Minecraft is free, with paid-for versions and add-ons, but at roughly $15, it isn’t a tremendous outlay. Kid friendly, imagination-rich and affordable makes Minecraft a great addition to your child’s summer vacation.

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