It is not enough for us at, Learning Lab and Beyond Tutoring, to say thank you to our readers and clients. We want to demonstrate our gratitude to each of our readers each time we tutor, advocate and educate the young minds.

For this reason, I want our readers to be aware of our commitment to our client. For each hour billed, we demonstrate gratitude by donating an hour to our community. This year has equated to over 1000 hours donated, whether it be in free information, helping undeserved populations achieve dreams of going to college or creating literacy events in our local community to help everyone and to help LD students. In the spirit of this gratitude and our deep awe of our community and supporters, for every package bought through the Black Friday and through Cyber Monday, we commit to doing two hours of service in our community for every hour purchased. We want you to feel secure that your purchase is going to support, not just your education, but your community.

It is our goal not to just say we are grateful for our clients and our readership, but to show our gratitude in this small way. In this spirit, I want to say:

Happy Thanksgiving and I am most grateful for an opportunity to work in our community, with you.

Gobble gobble.
Katie Schellenberg 
CEO and Founder of Learning Lab and Beyond Tutoring 
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