Hopefully, you’ve spent part of your summer getting ready for that all-important First Day of School and things have been going along swimmingly ever since.

child burnoutStill, after a few weeks, pencils need sharpening, new shoes have become a little scuffed and some children have difficulty with what they feel as monotony begins to set in. Follow these tips to keep the “I’m bored”s at bay.

Retelling — As part of your child’s bedtime routine, ask him to tell you at least one good thing and one bad thing that happened that day. This retelling hits a few great points: You can show excitement about your child’s day. You can add “Oh, that’s new!” comments. Retelling also allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of any potentially developing issues which may need your attention.

Fabricate newness – Go on periodic after school trips to different libraries, unfamiliar parks and provide a variety of experiences. School can’t always be new, so provide the new from a different angle.

Set and reward goals – This creates a bit of breakup to the school year. Your child can mark time by goals that have been set, thus seeing results before those far apart report cards arrive. When goals are set together with the teacher, it shows your child that you, the teacher and your child are all part of the same team.

Exercise – Getting moving lifts your mood and fights burnout. Today there are many options for kid- tween- and teen-friendly workouts. Do a little research to find a good, fun, safe fit for your child.

proud childWhat works for your child? Add your own solutions to the comment section below to help other children succeed!

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