How To Teach The Five Senses With Your Child Using The Beach

Learning can and should happen everywhere.

A family trip, having fun in the sun is a great setting for teaching.

A beach trip is a perfect opportunity for discussing the five senses with young children.

Presenting… your ready-made, five senses guide to the seaside:

1. Sight

Take in the view! Trying to figure out the horizon line – where the sea ends and where the sky begins.

This can even turn into a debate between small children. There are colors at the beach – towels, beach toys, boats, bathing suits. There’s always something going on, giving great opportunities for verbalization.

Have your child note the size of your pupils when they’re in the sun, then again when you’re in the shade. Fascinating stuff, and it’s pretty endless in this setting.

2. Touch

Sand and water are great sensory experiences. How does the sand feel in your child’s toes? What does it feel like when you’re walking over rocky areas? How do wet sand and dry sand feel different? Doesn’t a warm towel feel good when you get out of the water?

3. Taste

Does your picnic food taste different when it’s been sitting in the sun than it does when you’re at home? What does the water taste like? That’s a fun one if you’re visiting salt water.

4. Hearing

What does the sea sound like? Do the waves have a beat to them? How loud are you really speaking when you speak to be heard over the waves?

Why is a large room filled with people talking louder than a beach full of people talking? Are people playing volleyball? That has its own sound. Are there dogs scampering about?

I’ll bet they each have a different bark.

5. Smell

Your towels may smell like your fabric softener. Sunscreen usually has a smell. The sea has its own smell. Crustaceans that have washed up have their own smell.

Hopefully, your lunch smells exactly like it should! Wet hair has a smell, wet pets have a smell, sweaty people have a smell, but you probably wouldn’t want to point that out too loud!

What special senses do you remember from your beach trips? Comment below to share what your child(ren) find(s) especially fascinating, and enjoy!

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