Make a Double Difference – Volunteer as a Family

The complications involved in volunteering as a family are infinitely counterbalanced by the benefits involved.

Making a difference in another’s life will improve the future of yourself as a parent, and of your children.

Here are seven ways your whole family will benefit from volunteering together:

  • Family time, unplugged, together.
  • Showing priority setting by example. This is important enough to spend time, effort that might otherwise be spent elsewhere.
  • Learning that one can learn from every person and every situation.
  • Fight the “I’m bored”s.
  • Give possible career ideas for the future.
  • Instill social consciousness.
  • Great opportunity to observe your child, his social interaction skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

And to match, here are seven ways to volunteer that are ideal for families:

  1. Habitat for humanity
  2. Soup kitchen
  3. Make care packages to send to soldiers.
  4. Your local elder care facility
  5. Running an event in your community
  6. Shoveling snow / mowing lawns for needy neighbors
  7. Invite (safe) guests into your home for a meal.

Where does your family volunteer? How have you benefited?

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