Womens Day 3Today we honor and celebrate the women in our lives. This week, because one day is not enough, we will feature amazing women, stories about how women have impacted positive change and tools for women to navigate the world of advocacy. For International women’s day, I want to honor all the women in my life who have shown me strength and grace and fearlessness. There is something about a mother’s love, pure and protective, that reminds me of the importance of women in our society. In the book, “Half the Sky“, Nikolas Kristoff echoes a very important proverb of Mao Zedong; Women hold up half the sky. In other words, in educating the women of a society, you empower and lift people from poverty.

In this blog, we honor the words that women hold up at least half the sky. I am empowering and giving tools to women all over the world. We want to empower mothers, caretakers and friends to teach society how to respect, honor and love children. We firmly believe that educating women, whether it be in school or by giving them the tools to advocate for their own children, is essential for creating a loving and thriving society. During this week, look for tools, articles and inspiration from women and to women which enables all of us to hold up at least half the sky.

As women readers, what do you most want to see that will help you, in some small way, change the world? How can we empower you to shape your family’s and community’s destinies?

Womens Day 1

Again, look at the different articles this week as our appreciation for the women change lives and destinies. Happy International Women’s Day!

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