Beyond the Blackboard
Beyond the Blackboard 2
Today marks International Street Children Day.
Homelessness is very unfortunately an issue that reaches every country,
every color and every ethnicity.

While not typically learning disabled per se, children living on the streets or otherwise homeless do come to learning with definite disadvantages.

Aired on CBS as part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame series, Beyond the Blackboard stars Emily VanCamp and Steve Talley. It portrays the true story of Stacey Bess, a young, first-time teacher who took a position at a shelter school, somewhat outside of the regular school system. Being very well done, this film delivers clear messages in an easy-to-understand, yet captivating way.

Beyond the Blackboard 1This film is a must for teachers and students, alike. Aside from helping us all to appreciate all that we have, it shows us not to judge a book by its cover. Additionally, it shows how to build trust and how very important that trust is. We see the trials the parents go through and how that plays out in the children’s lives.


Inspiring for all and a must-see for all teachers, Beyond the Blackboard gets a BeyondTutoring , five-star review.

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