fruit saladKeeping up with yesterday’s theme of getting ready for Mothers’ Day, I explained the importance not making Mom work for Mothers’ Day. Mom should come out of this day with a feeling that she really is very much loved and appreciated.

Making breakfast all ready, with maximum child involvement, is great way start the day. It’s also a great learning experience for your child(ren). Fruit salad is the perfect starter recipe for children. Properly explained and supervised, using a knife is a safe and necessary skill.

First, take your child produce shopping with you. Many children with exceptionalities need things very much spelled out, step by step. Choose fruit together. Depending on the age of your child(ren), use this as an opportunity for dialogue, about colors, the fruits themselves and about prices of different items.

Bring your fruit home, then allow your child to wash the items in your kitchen sink. Keep an eye out to make sure it really is getting clean, as pesticides are nothing to sneeze at.

Once the fruit is all ready to go, explain safe knife use to your child. Show him how to cut, and put aside a sampling of the size you wish the pieces to turn out. Stay right next to your child and be super encouraging. If he pokes his hand a tiny bit with a knife, try to minimize the trauma as much as possible. Irregular pieces and a few scratches are part of the learning curve, unfortunately.

fruit salad 2If you have time and your child has patience, spend some time observing the textures of the different fruits.  Older children can benefit from some research and discussion about the differences between people diets and animal diets, herbivores / carnivores / omnivores, what is required for a balanced diet and why, correlation between the colors of different produce and the vitamins that item contains…

Let your child choose the serving bowl and get everything mixed up. If you have any time left, maybe come up with some ideas for garnishing!

Serve with much love, big hugs and sloppy kisses!

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