I am blessed to work with wonderful volunteer organizations throughout the year and I am going to use this wonderful platform to spotlight some of these amazing organizations.

girl readingWonderful ways to volunteer, which is a one of our core recommendations and values here at BT! Today I spotlight one of my favorite ways I give back and also one of my favorite free resources that we talk a lot about and is totally underutilized.

Junior League of Los Angeles: I am so lucky to have been recently selected to serve on the incoming board of the Junior League of Los Angeles as the Projects Director Elect. I am not writing about it just because I am heavily involved in this organization, but I think it is just terrific. It shares its dedication to literacy and self esteem and empowerment of women and in particular the foster youth population. It is also a phenomenal training organization and has honed my leadership skills. I truly value this organization, and I volunteer through them at least once a week.

Look out if you are a women over the age of 21! This is recruiting time for the Junior League and we are always looking for new members. This is also not just for women in Los Angeles — it is a great organization to consider joining in a lot of cities throughout the States, Mexico, Canada and the UK.

Children's libraryThe Public Library: Oh my! I can’t tell you how many wonderful services your local library can provide. Almost every day there is something going on! Honestly, it is one of the most underutilized free resources on the planet (with the exception of the great outdoors). The library, in the form of digital, human and electronic resources, is 100% free and equally helpful. In fact, the headmaster of one of my other favorite organization, Philips Academy, my high school, advocates jealously about the increasing (not decreasing) necessity of libraries. (Check out this amazing book:  when John Palfrey discusses the library as a way to equal the playing field in so many profound ways.)

I, too, advocate libraries not just as a wonderful resource, but as a community center. I recently helped put on a terrific Dr. Seuss Day at a local library and over 200 families were in attendance. Amazing! I love watching local families of all backgrounds and with children of all ages congregating for something fun, enriching but not necessarily academic.

So those are two of my favorite organizations and resources for the day! What are yours?

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